Home Industry All You Need to Know About Elite-X Basketball Court Tiles

All You Need to Know About Elite-X Basketball Court Tiles

All You Need to Know About Elite-X Basketball Court Tiles

A basketball court? Are you pondering how to draw a basketball court? Well, you have got quite a challenging project, but not to worry because we are f a great help. Releasing half of your worries, we have brought you the details of Elite-X basketball court tiles. Since tiles make up almost half of a basketball court, their importance is not negligible. Being on the mainstream component, we understand their value.

This blog post guides you about Elite-X basketball court tiles in detail. Stay tuned!

What are Elite-X Tiles?

Basketball courts are not simple playgrounds but challenging fields. Every inch of a basketball should speak for durability, toughness, and resilience. The tiles lining the basketball courts are supposed to be superefficient in handling the pressure they get on themselves every time a match happens on the same field.

Considering the game’s intensity, Elite-X tiles are the new normal for state-of-the-art basketball courts. These tiles are the upgraded version of Elastic Pro. Elastic Pro is unique, but adding more spices to the same version has given birth to the advanced formula called Elite-X ties.

Features Elite-X Tiles

Sun-textured surface

An emphasis on the texture has blessed us with a much-improved version. This feature elevates slip resistance and acts more like a guard against slipping on the ground during the agile sport. Since slipping is common on basketball courts, often leading to disabilities, Elite-X tiles have now taken care of it.

Flexible connection design

This feature makes the tiles supremely strong. They can bear any weather. Their performance and shelf life do not depend on the weather. High and low temperatures are no longer the reasons to upset you. The wonderful material-making Elite-X gracefully bears the temperature shift and intensity.

Corrugated shock absorber bottom

Since the bottom of the tiles usually bears all the pressure and trauma, they always need a solution. The shock absorber bottom has solved the problem with dignity. No matter how pressurizing the game is, the corrugated shock absorber bottom is resilient to such stresses. This feature helps the tile bear the extreme shock and pressure they’re usually subjected to during matches or practice.

Improved friction between the tile and ground

Elite-X tiles are the ungraded version offering you improved friction. These Stable tiles equipped with a third-generation safety guard are WOW!

This significant feature vanishes all the chances for the tiles to slip away. Third-generation safety guard ensures no tile would slip away sideways during play when these tiles are subjected to enormous pressures.

Ball rebound

Elite-X basketball court tiles are known for their excellent ball rebound. This has become possible because of a technical design considering kinematics and differentiation.


Resurfacing a basketball court now is all fun. Stock Elite-X basketball court tiles and thank us later. This blog post has comprehensively described the out-of-ordinary features of these tiles. These tiles bring together brilliance, toughness, longevity, technicality, and design aesthetics. Seeing so much positivity clustered together in a single product is unbelievable. Give Elite-X tiles in your basketball court and let people call you a PRO at resurfacing courts.


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