Maintenance Tips For A Hydraulic Stamping Press Machine

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The hydraulic stamping press is a tool used for cutting or shaping metals to your exact requirement. It involves procedures such as trimming, forming, blanking, drawing, and piercing. The stamping hydraulic press is used to produce identical high-volume metal parts at a very minimal cost. The machine is crucial in shaping or cutting coils or sheets of metal. Therefore, it is essential to maintain it properly. This article aims to update you on the maintenance tips for a hydraulic stamping press machine.

Maintenance tips for a hydraulic stamping press machine

1. Look for any leaks

Any leaks present in the hydraulic fittings and lines can be catastrophic in the end, no matter how small. Therefore, as part of the maintenance routine, ensure to check the hydraulic stamping press machine daily for any leaks. If the leaks are found, ensure to address the issue no matter how small the leak is. Therefore, the best way to address the leaking problems is to replace or tighten the fitting. Once replaced or tightened, closely monitor it to ensure the problem was corrected.

2. Clean the hydraulic valve

The hydraulic valve can quickly accumulate dirt. Therefore, part of the maintenance routine should include cleaning the hydraulic valve. To effectively clean the valve, use a silk cloth, brush, or a non-metal scraper to remove the hydraulic valve surface and clean out the dirt present. The crucial point to note while cleaning out the hydraulic valve is to ensure that no damage comes to the valve.

3. Ensure correct oil temperature and levels

As part of the maintenance routine, the machine’s oil temperature should be optimal. The required oil temperature should be 120 degrees F. Furthermore, incorrect oil temperature can contribute to the machine’s premature breakdown. Therefore, constantly checking the oil temperature can warn if any circuit parts are not working effectively. Also, ensure that the oil is present at the correct levels. Pump inefficiency can happen if there are incorrect oil levels.

4. Disassembly process

During the disassembly process of a hydraulic press machine, it is crucial to ensure that all parts are disassembled correctly. Therefore, it is essential to understand the machine’s different components’ connection and structure. You can also mark the exact part position during disassembly. A pivotal point to consider is that you should not use too much force during the disassembly process or risk causing machine damage.

5. Safety systems daily monitoring

Monitoring the hydraulic stamping press machine can ensure accidents are avoided. The hydraulic press machine safety systems include; safety mats, light curtains, interlocking gates, and many others. Therefore, before a day’s or night’s operations begin, ensure to test the safety of the systems. If there are any issues with the safety systems, such as defective locks, immediately change the locks and carry out a service.

6. Read manufacturers manual

Different manufacturers have different maintenance tips for their machines. Therefore, it is crucial to read the manufacturer’s manual for recommendations on the best way to maintain your machine.


Machine maintenance is crucial in ensuring longevity and optimal performance. Therefore, after purchasing the hydraulic stamping press machine, it is essential to maintain the device at optimal maintenance levels. Proper maintenance can prevent avoidable accidents from happening.


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