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Plastic Prototype Manufacturing- The Complete Guide

Plastic Prototype Manufacturing- The Complete Guide

The process of developing plastic parts is popularly known as rapid prototyping. This process is vital in the manufacture of plasticprototype.

In most cases, the injection molded part is used to verify the aesthetics and functionality of a designed plastic prototype.

In cases where the rapid manufacturing process is not used, prototype injection molding is used. Although it is a slower process, it is required before any product hits the market.

The prototype injection molding is used to make sure that there is no flaw in the product. It also helps to check for full functionality and its aesthetics.

If the product fails in any of the cited criteria, it means that the product is not ready to be sent into the market for consumption. It is underachieved.

One of the best ways to deal with issues of quality control is to use quality plastic products when you develop your plastic prototype.

This article will highlight reasons why injection molding is an important part of manufacturing plastic. But first, it is important to understand prototype injection molding.

What Is Prototype Injection Molding?

Each time you need to produce a plastic prototype, the prototype injection molding process is used. This is because it is a vital part of the process.

The prototype injection molding process is vital for creating plastic, its concept, and design. Note that plastic is still the basis for production for the manufacturers.

The prototype injection process is essential to ensure that each product meets the specification requirements and that the functionality is up to standard.

This process prevents loss of money by preventing mass production of products that have flawed design or flawed functionality.

With animation software or 3D imagery, they create physical 3D models from ABS plastic. The process of producing plastic 3D models is completed using soft prototyping mold or 3D printing.

With the plastic prototype, manufacturers get to feel what their product will be like. And then the manufacturers can make the needed adjustment in the aesthetics and functionality of the design.

Simple Steps for Plastic Prototype Manufacturing

You need four simple steps to successfully produce a plastic prototype.

Create A Design

The first step to any great invention is to make a design. Creating a plastic product design is no different. Your concept or design is the first step in manufacturing.

Consider the functionality of the design and make sure your design is achievable. Do the research and meet up with experts to discuss your design.

The Product Engineering

After confirming that your design is doable and that it will work, this stage is for bringing plastic parts together. These are the parts that your plastic product will be made of.

The materials in the steel tool in which the plastic prototype is made must be tapered for easy ejection later on.

3D Printing

This process is simple and automatic after the program and design have been uploaded into the machine.

Mold creation is critical to plastic prototyping. The prototype injection molds use plates to push a side of the mold and cooling starts afterward.

The Injection Mold Machine

After creating a plastic prototype mold, this machine will inject the mold with plastic prototype material. Here the plastic prototype is made.


This process follows the same process for production. These prototypes are only meant for physical analysis of the product design.


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