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Requirements for installing a car lift

Requirements for installing a car lift

A car lift has unique features and particular dimensions to fit in any area. Measuring the area before installing a car lift is essential to ensure perfectness in the procedure. You need to check the height and size of your garage or showroom before placing an order for a lift. In short, there should be enough room to allocate a lift. Furthermore, the area should be safe and smooth; the ceiling should be high enough to allow lift movement precisely.

Mapping out the required area to engineers:

You need to install a car lift when you build up a showroom or any basement garage. For this purpose, you can contact different companies for proper guidance. In the preamble to place an order for a lift, you need to measure the area, height, and width of your garage. Particularize the area where you want to install a car lift and map this out to your engineer or company.

The thickness of the floor:

A strong and thick concrete base is required for in-ground car lifts to ensure proper installation. The thickness of the concrete floor should be at least 4 inches. If the slab is very thin, it may break too early; in contrast, a thick slab may cost higher. So, it is imperative to ensure a standard-sized base that is durable and less costly.

Garage doors:

Garage and basement doors are usually not very tall. It is necessary to measure the size of your doors so that no problem arises at the time of delivery of the car lift.

Professional help:

You should not try to install the lift yourself as it is a task of great precision. It is mandatory to seek professional help for proper installation and better results. Engineers will measure and allocate specific proportions to various lift parts, which a non-specialist cannot do in the usual course. Professional workers may inspect whether the car lift is safe for that place. They also choose which type of lift will be suitable for your garage.

So it is necessary to follow a complete procedure before installing a car lift in your showroom or garage.

Safety measures:

During the lift installation, engineers take safety measures to avoid any damage to the place or themselves. In-ground lifts follow a complex process for installation. Workers and engineers drill the ground, form a strong base, and make necessary adjustments with accuracy. They assemble and weld the parts of the lift to complete the structure.


You should choose a reliable company for installing a car lift at your place. You should check feedback, product quality, and guarantee before placing an order for the lift. After that, you should measure your premises or ask the company to take the measurements of the required place.

After the installation, you should follow the instructions for proper usage. If you find any problem with the lift working, you should contact your supplier. You should avoid self-examination of machinery parts to avoid any damage.


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